Thanks so much for visiting Tiny Dancer / Big Words. Let me explain.

I am a dance artist, which includes choreographing, directing, practicing, presenting, training, teaching, researching, and writing about dance. Standing tall at 4’11”, I live big and move bigger, just trying to become the best dancer / maker / human that I can be on this planet. I live in Charlotte, North Carolina, you can mostly find me with my company, Baran Dance, or at Open Door Studios in the bustling Plaza Midwood neighborhood.

I recently complete my MFA in Dance Hollins University, where, as a student of Elizabeth Zimmer, I discovered my love for dance writing in all its complicated facets. Dance is about moving, being, finding, sharing, falling, and picking yourself and each other up. Sometimes it is too fleeting and hard to explain, so I’ll do my best to capture the elusive beast with language. My intent is not to fill this space with big, academic, or confusing words, but rather to nakedly describe the scene and stage of dance in Charlotte and beyond. We will discuss some big ideas and the role of dance in relation to pressing local, national, and global issues — as well as the small stuff.

Feel free to respond to posts or email me directly at I hope you enjoy and join the movement.